Secluded Cabin Vacations

When taking a vacation in the mountains, many people are discovering the benefits of cabin vacation rentals. Quiet and private, cabin vacations are often more economical than reserving hotel rooms, and you will be surrounded by Mother Nature.

Advantages Of Cabin Vacations

Rather than a hotel room with just the single room and bath, a cabin provides several advantages. Have you ever stayed in a hotel and heard the television in the next room all night? With a cabin vacation rental, you'll have total privacy.

A cabin rental is almost always a better value than staying in a hotel, especially if you have a family or a large group. Cabins are available that will accommodate as many as 12 for one set price for the week. Can you imagine the cost to renting the 4-6 hotel rooms for that many people?

Vacation cabin rentals also come with a fully equipped kitchen, so you can save money by cooking in the cabin. Eating out every meal can really add to the cost of your vacation. With a cabin vacation, you can stock the refrigerator with food and drinks, so you won't have to run to the store every time you want a snack.

Of course, one of the biggest advantages of mountain cabin rentals is the proximity of the mountains. You can enjoy the peaceful quiet of being surrounded by nature and the majestic mountain views while having your morning coffee. Just waking up to the fresh, clean mountain air can invigorate you each morning.

Types Of Mountain Cabin Rentals

Mountain cabin rentals can vary widely depending on your needs and desires. You can rent a very rustic single room cabin if you're into really roughing it, or a luxury cabin that is closer to mansion status with multiple bedrooms. What you desire will depend on how many people are going with you on your vacation and what you intend on doing during your vacation.

You must first figure out exactly what you want in the size and appointments of the cabin rental and the amenities you would like to find. Some cabins come with televisions, DVD players, and even video game consoles, while others may not have these. Other amenities you may want to consider could be hot tubs, Jacuzzis, or even swimming pools.

What you plan to do on your mountain cabin vacation will determine the best location for you to rent a cabin. If you plan on fishing or boating, proximity to a lake would be very helpful, so you don't have to travel far. A cabin rental adjacent to a ski resort area would be great for a skiing trip. If you have a large group or several families vacationing together, you can often find two or three cabins close to each other to facilitate easy travel amongst the cabins.

Cabin Vacations For Any Season

Very few vacation ideas will truly work for all four seasons throughout the year, but cabin vacations definitely do. Obviously, you must first decide what you want to do on your vacation, as that may be a deciding factor. You may also have to decide when you can take a vacation, as this will have some impact on the activities available.

All four seasons will have different activities and sports available. Fishing can be done year round, but if you plan to boat, then winter will not be appropriate. Fall brings glorious views, even more so than other seasons, so those who enjoy hiking or simply driving through the mountains will particularly enjoy the colors of an autumn vacation. Winter brings skiing, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing. A lakeside cabin rental would be wonderful in the summertime for swimming and water skiing.

Best Locations For Your Mountain Cabin Vacation

There are mountains from one coast to the other in the United States. You could go on a mountain cabin vacation in Vermont, Virginia, or even California. There are a great many other activities available in those areas, as well, besides the great outdoors. Those who enjoy quiet solitude and closeness to the great outdoors, however, will find two vacation spots that will be hard to beat for your cabin vacations: Colorado and Montana.

A cabin vacation in Colorado will be in the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains where there are some of the best ski trails and resorts in the country. There are many places where you can rent skis, snowshoes, or snowmobiles if you don't take your own. In other seasons, a Colorado cabin vacation can offer a variety of outdoor activities including hiking, fishing, and hunting.

Montana is famous for some of the best trout fishing around, at least in part due to the abundance of streams and rivers in the state. There are many guides to take you to the best fishing spots in the wilderness, or you can just go it alone. There are also many natural attractions to be found in Montana like the National Bison Range and part of Yellowstone National Park.

Finding Vacation Cabin Rentals Online

There are many places to find vacation cabin rentals online, and many companies will offer discount packages on their websites. One website has not only listings of cabin rentals for every state in the country, but also has searchable listings by activities, as well. The website lists every type of cabin imaginable from the rough and rustic to the luxurious two-story chalet. You can find this site at http://www.cabins.com, and begin planning your mountain cabin vacation today.

Top Cabin Vacation Ideas

With the growing number of options for exclusive resorts, destination packages, and all-inclusive hotels, we forget that some of the best vacations are right within our midst. Vacation cabin rentals can be a family friendly way to spend your vacation. Many Vacation cabin rentals will even allow you to take your pet with you. For those who are traveling with friends, partners, or spouses, there are romantic or group mountain cabin vacation options.

If a mountain cabin vacation interests you, consider taking a cabin vacation in Colorado, or try a vacation cabin Montana style. Some travelers opt to find their vacation cabin rentals through a rental agency. This is a good option if you are unsure of where to start your search. However, a small amount of internet research, or even reading about various mountain cabin vacation spots in popular magazines, can give you a head start on your vacation cabin search.

Cabin Vacation in Colorado

Securing a vacation cabin in Colorado is a way to have an enjoyable get away in the great mid-western region of the country. The mountainous areas in Colorado make it one of the prime national spots for a mountain cabin vacation. The Rockies region is known as the perfect spot for hiking, rafting, and other outdoor activities. Colorado even has wonderful ski slopes where you can secure a vacation cabin rental without the additional costs of going to a far way and costly destination such as Aspen.

Many of the vacation cabin sites in Colorado are historic sites and carry a rich American culture. America's Rocky Mountain Lodge and Cabins (http://www.rockymountainlodge.com/) were built at the turn of the 20th century and have retained their rustic and elegant feel while providing travel packages for the modern traveler. You can choose to get away for a honeymoon or have a family reunion. Visit the website for more specific information at www.rockymountainlodge.com. Colorado Vacation Cabins, (www.coloradovacationcabins.com), is also an informative site that will give you a good idea of what to look for in your mountain cabin vacation. This vacation cabin rental provider gives useful information, such as minimum stay policies and reservation policies, which many vacation cabin rentals have.

Cabin Vacation in Montana

Mountain Home Montana Vacation Cabin Rentals is a destination that has received several good reviews. Montana promises wonderful opportunities to explore the heart of American culture. The majority of visitors tend to travel to the region in summer months or the cooler winter months for the skiing. Mountain-home.com gives you a good idea of what to expect from your cabin vacation in Montana. To see the range of vacation cabin rental options and the various vacation cabin styles that may be available, refer to rental property sites such as www.vacationrentalsmontana.com.

Things to do on your Mountain Cabin Vacation

Skiing, hiking, white-water rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, fishing, snowboarding, horse-back riding, or snowmobiling are just some of the many activities that will keep you entertained during your mountain cabin vacation. Whatever your tastes, be sure to have the necessary safety equipment for these adventurous activities. If you need a break from the high intensity outdoor activities, there are other options. Montana is the Great Plains region, the home of Yellowstone national park, as well as culturally rich Indian reservation sites. Montana also has several different museums and local restaurants. Visiting the official state website for tourist information, www.visitmt.com, will be useful to you before you escape to your Mountain vacation cabin.

Vacation Cabin Amenities

The type of vacation cabin that you secure and the price that you will pay for the cabin not only depends on the location, but also on the amenities that come with the vacation cabin rental. Although you may be tempted to bring many of your own personal items with you on your vacation, check with your vacation cabin owner first. Vacation cabin rentals typically do have all the everyday amenities that you would use in your home, including kitchen appliances, bedroom linens, and bathroom supplies.

Costs of Vacation Cabin Rentals

Travelers who opt to go on mountain cabin vacations should be aware that they may be asked to provide a security deposit fee to ensure that any damages to the vacation cabin during the trip are covered. Since cabins are typically owned by smaller business entities, as opposed to larger corporations that own luxury hotels, this security deposit is a necessary requirement to ensure the maintenance and upkeep of the vacation cabin.

Security deposits are almost always refundable. Be sure to check on the varying policies held by vacation cabin rentals before you make your reservation. In terms of accommodation costs, there are vacation cabin rentals that cater to all tastes. Generally, a small vacation cabin can be secured for as little as $100 per night, while renting an entire lodge for your mountain cabin vacation in Colorado could cost more than $800 per night. Likewise, a mountain cabin vacation in Montana could range anywhere from $1000 to $5000 per week. Be sure to do your research and enjoy the great outdoors on your next mountain cabin vacation.

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